Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em: Week 11


As week 11 rolls around in the NFL, it seems most people’s fantasy teams are either garbage or pretty good. You’ll either make the playoffs or you’re just completely screwed at this point. Regardless, you want to win this week’s matchup (unless you’re the guy who drafted all rookies.)

Here’s some advice to help you win this week over over that annoying co-worker of yours.  Continue reading →


Jerry Dipoto’s Christmas List


With most of baseball’s major award announcements out of the way, the hot stove is ready to be turned up all the way up to 11. And so far, no general manager has made more of an attempt to burn the freakin’ house down than new M’s GM Jerry Dipoto.  Continue reading →



Hello and welcome to The Armchair Times, a new sports blog created and run by yours truly, Conor Dorney.

I’ve been involved in sports blogging since my days at Kentridge High School, all the way through my undergrad years at Arizona State and up until now.

I’ve written for The Sports Pundits, Fish Stripes at SB Nation, Draft To The Show, and most recently, Not Takes. I decided to start up The Armchair Times because, well, I didn’t want to recycle The Sports Pundits name and worldwide brand.

The Armchair Times will hopefully turn into the potpourri of sports blogs. Not entirely necessary, but it’s still nice to have it around. We’ll cover everything from fantasy football, to MLB/NFL Draft analysis, and everything in between. There will certainly be no shortage of ASU, Seahawks and Mariners bias. Best of all, you  may be seeing a few familiar faces checking in as contributors and hopefully down the road, you’ll be able to hear my dumb voice hosting an Armchair Times podcast.

But until this little site gets swallowed up and degraded in the depths of the Internet, feel free to read along and enjoy our hard-hitting sports coverage.


Conor Dorney

Founder, The Armchair Times