The AT Mock Draft: Volume I


Hello, loyal reader of The Armchair Times! Welcome to the first-ever Armchair Times NFL mock draft! Over the last several articles, I’ve focused on players that the Seattle Seahawks could take in the upcoming NFL Draft, however with this post, I’ll be lending my questionable writing talents/NFL expertise to the site’s first mock draft. I’m not sure how many of these I’ll be doing leading up to the draft itself, but I figured it’s nice to take a step back from the ‘Hawks every once in a while to see how the rest of the teams in the league may be approaching the process.  Continue reading →


Hawk Mock: DB Sean Davis


In my last post profiling the ‘Hawks defensive draft strategies and Vanderbilt DE/OLB Stephen Weatherly, I talked about how important the defensive foundation has been for the Seattle Seahawks in their recent run of success. And one important caveat of that defense appears to be a big emphasis in how the club will focus their draft strategy in 2016: forcing turnovers. Continue reading →

Hawk Mock: DE/OLB Stephen Weatherly

Stephen Weatherly - DE/OLB - Vanderbilt

One of the most often-used cliches in all of sports is undoubtedly “defense  wins championships.” It’s used as both a reason to blame a team for its mediocrity as well as to praise it for its success. In the past six seasons for the Seattle Seahawks, the latter has been how most of the NFL and general public views the organization.  Continue reading →

Hawk Mock: WR Sterling Shepard

Sterling Shepard

It’s not often that a team with seven starters due to be unrestricted free agents are still viewed as a Super Bowl favorite heading into next season, but that’s exactly the situation the ‘Hawks find themselves in. One of those free agents is local Seattle product and former Washington Husky, wide receiver Jermaine Kearse. Continue reading →

Hawk Mock: An Introduction


In the same way that the National Football League has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the past decade, so too has the event that signifies the beginning of the journey for its brightest stars: the NFL Draft.

Viewers can now digest massive amounts of statistical data, view practically every Combine event aside from locker room showers, and grade each of their team’s respective draft selections in the hope that it will one day lead them to a Super Bowl. Continue reading →