Hawk Mock: Way-Too-Early 2017 Edition

Pete Carroll, John Schneider

With just over 24 hours gone since the Seattle Seahawks put a bow on their 2016 draft class, one that included shoring up the offensive line and taking a bevy of running backs, it’s time to look ahead to next year’s class of 2017. Of course, it’s far too early to have an clue about the direction with which John Schneider and company will go in the draft next year, but here’s a list of some players that you’d be foolish to not keep an eye on over the course of this next draft cycle.  Continue reading →


Hawk Mock: Day 2


After much anticipation, the Seattle Seahawks did what just about everyone expected them to do by trading down from #26 to the final pick of the first round at #31 on Day 1 of the 2016 NFL Draft. And though the reviews of their top pick OT German Ifedi of Texas A&M are anything but stellar, perhaps deservedly so, the ‘Hawks now enter the rounds that have been very good to them in the Pete Carroll-John Schneider era.  Continue reading →

Hawk Mock: The Final Board


The moment is finally here. Just about an hour from now, the NFL Draft will get underway in Chicago and we’ll get our first glimpse into how teams finish their preparations for the 2016 season. After the three-day event comes to a conclusion, grades will be thrown around left and right, all in the hopes that it will give a clearer picture as to which franchise will host the Lombardi Trophy next February. Continue reading →

Hawk Mock: DT Chris Jones


With less than two weeks remaining until the start of the NFL Draft, the speculating and prognosticating are nearing a fever pitch. We’ve already seen the very top of the draft re-shuffled after the Los Angeles Rams took the express lane to Highway .500 by snatching (and giving up a whole lot in the process) the first overall pick from the Titans. There’s a good chance even more wheeling and dealing will take place inside the top ten, albeit likely on draft day itself, which will once again alter the course of the three-day event.  Continue reading →

2016 MLB Season Predictions


Turning the calendar to April usually means a couple of things: allergies re-staking their claim as your life’s arch nemesis and the return of meaningful games in Major League Baseball. And what would make your excitement for the 2016 season grow to new heights? Well, my 100% accurate season predictions, of course: Continue reading →

Mock Five: Narrowing Down the Seahawks’ Draft Board


In less than one month, the 2016 NFL Draft will begin in Chicago, signaling the end of a year-long process that culminates with just under 300 college football players turning their NFL dreams into a reality. Unlike some clubs, the Seattle Seahawks prefer to shroud that process in as much mystery as possible, despite some clear tendencies that leave room for pundits to accurately predict some of their selections. Continue reading →

The AT Mock Draft: Volume I


Hello, loyal reader of The Armchair Times! Welcome to the first-ever Armchair Times NFL mock draft! Over the last several articles, I’ve focused on players that the Seattle Seahawks could take in the upcoming NFL Draft, however with this post, I’ll be lending my questionable writing talents/NFL expertise to the site’s first mock draft. I’m not sure how many of these I’ll be doing leading up to the draft itself, but I figured it’s nice to take a step back from the ‘Hawks every once in a while to see how the rest of the teams in the league may be approaching the process.  Continue reading →